What’s Up With These Patriot Quarterbacks?

Three games into the NFL season and the New England Patriots are 3-0, shocker. This record shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody, or should it? Yes, it should be a huge surprise because the Patriots have been playing without Tommy Boy. The Golden Child. Tom Terrific. The GOAT. Tom Freaking Brady. The Patriots are 3-0 with Jimmy Garoppolo. Wait, no they aren’t. They’re 3-0 with Jimmy Garappolo AND Jacoby Brissett. Who the hell is Jacoby Brissett? RIGHT?

I’ll be completely honest with you; I didn’t even know the Patriots had a third-string quarterback. When Jimmy G went out with a shoulder injury in game 2, I was sure Julian Edelman was going to have to step up and play quarterback. Then all of a sudden some random guy off the streets that stole a number 7 jersey steps on the field and helped the Patriots beat the Miami Dolphins. It turns out this random guy isn’t half bad. This guy can play and he kind of kicks ass. He then proceeded to start for the Patriots in a Thursday Night Football game against the Houston Texans. He then continued to lead the Patriots to a blow-out victory. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

After the Patriots’ dominant win, it was announced that Brissett injured his right thumb during the game. It’s a good thing Jimmy G’s injury isn’t that serious because if it was Brissett may have had to play through the injury, unless the Pats wanted to play Edelman at QB or sign somebody to fill the role, like Michael Vick. Let’s say the Patriots had to sign someone like Vick to play week 4, a week before Tom Brady comes back. He’d probably be elite, to be honest. Patriot quarterbacks always seem to be elite, no matter how much experience you have or where you’ve played before. Then after a dominating performance, Vick would fracture his pinky toe and have to retire. My point is that the Patriots are finding great QB’s to fill in for Tom Brady, they just are getting injured. The trend is pointing towards Brady Boy getting injured in his first week back. That would really suck. I’m sure I’m 100% wrong, but it would be very unfortunate if I were right.

Can I also remind everybody that the Patriots are still 3-0 while starting 2nd and 3rd string-quarterbacks. No Brady. Barely any Gronk. No Ninkovich. And the Patriots are still 3-0. That’s scary to think about. Once everybody comes back healthy or from suspension, the Patriots will be a team opposing teams will not look forward to playing against. Plus, Tom Brady will be out for blood when he comes back. So watch out Roger Goodell, the three-headed monster of Brady, Garappolo, and Brissett are coming for you.



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