Thank You KG

Adding to the list of sports legends retiring, Kevin Garnett is the next one to announce his retirement. A 21-year veteran of the NBA, Garnett will call it quits after the team that drafted him 1995, the Minnesota Timberwolves, buys out his contract, clearing the way for him to be waived and officially retire. Both sides came to an agreement that one of the best power forwards of all time won’t return for a 22nd season.

This is the end. After years of waiting to see if KG would retire, this is finally the end of the road for “The Big Ticket.” Years of wear and tear on his body led to his retirement. He’s 40-years-old, and his body couldn’t function at an NBA level anymore.

All I have to say is thank you KG. A true icon of the game, he set the bar for young big men entering the league. Playing for the Timberwolves, Boston Celtics, and the Brooklyn Nets, his career was nothing short of legendary. A first ballot Hall-of-Famer, Kevin Garnett won one ring with the Boston Celtics, the same year the “Big Three” was formed in Boston.


The list of KG’s accomplishments throughout his career include:

15 All-Star selections
12 All-Defensive Selections
9 All-NBA Selections
2003-2004 NBA MVP
2007-2008 NBA Champion
2007-2008 Defensive Player of the Year
26,071 points scored
50,418 minutes played
14,662 rebounds
Minnesota Timberwolves All-Time Scoring Leader


The statistics say it all; there is no doubt Kevin Garnett is an all-time great. But besides the stats, what made KG so great? Simple, his love for the game. His passion and dedication to the game of basketball are what made him so good and so well-liked around the league. His style of play, setting illegal screens an average 20 times a game, and trash talk to everybody that stepped in his path, is what separated him from the rest.

Remember when Garnett told Carmelo Anthony his wife tasted like a bowl of Honey Nuts Cheerios? Absolutely legendary. That is the single greatest example of trash-talking in basketball history. Who in their right mind would tell another grown man that his wife tastes like a delicious cereal? Kevin Garnett, that’s who.


There will never be another player like KG. The blood, sweat, and tears he left on the court won’t be forgotten. He is a true idol for young big men entering the league, and guys like Karl-Anthony Towns and Gorgui Dieng should be grateful for the time they got to learn hands-on from the legend himself.

As a fellow Boston Celtics’ fan, I have to pour my heart out to Garnett and thank him for bringing a championship to Boston. We wouldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for bringing banner 17 to Boston and becoming one of the greatest players to wear a Celtics’ jersey. It sucked the way you went out, but the memories you created in Boston will never be forgotten. The fans you made will always stick by you and always be grateful for what you brought to the court day in and day out.

As an NBA fan, thank you, Kevin Garnett, for simply just being you. Thank you for being the hard-nosed, smack-talking, prick you were. You were so easy to hate but so easy to love at the same time. You were the type of player teams hated playing against but wished you were on their team. Thank you for being one of a kind and being a true legend. For old time’s sake… ANYTHING IS POSSIBLEEEE!!!!!!



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