Carson Wentz Watches Game Film on Dates

One word to sum up this tweet: Legendary.

Carson Wentz, the second overall pick in this past year’s NFL Draft and the Philadephia Eagles’ starting quarterback, is tearing it up his rookie season so far. We now get a better understanding of why he’s doing so great. Instead of paying attention to his girlfriend on dinner dates, Wentz pays attention to the game film. Instead of asking his girlfriend how her day was, he’s asking himself why he threw an incomplete pass or how he missed a wide open receiver.


Carson Wentz is the 1st rookie QB to not only start, but win his first two career games without any team turnovers. He performed well in his first game against the Browns, throwing two TDs along with 278 yards. Some thought it was just a good game against a terrible and injury prone team (RIP RG3), but with the lights shining bright on Monday Night Football, “Ginger Jesus” led the Eagles to a win over the Chicago Bears, improving the team record to 2-0.


Is it too early to board the Wentz Wagon? President Obama doesn’t think so.


Thank you future Mrs. Wentz for understanding that football is more important than silly dates. Without you and your dinner dates Carson probably would not have had time to study game film. All aboard the Wentz Wagon!

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