Celtics Looking for a Star

Not being breaking news of any sort, the Boston Celtics are looking to bring in a star before the NBA season begins. I say this isn’t breaking news of any sorts because we’ve all heard this before; Danny Ainge is looking to move his assets and young players for a big-name player.

The problem is, Danny Ainge will not trade any of his assets for a big-name player. Names like Jimmy Butler and Nerlens Noel have come up before in trade talk, but the trades have never gone through because of Danny’s unwillingness to send off key pieces to the Celtics team. Now a few names have popped up in the rumor mill lately, some new and some that have been on the Celtics’ radar for some time now; Blake Griffin, DeMarcus Cousins, and Russell Westbrook.

If trading for DeMarcus Cousins was anything short of a pipe-dream for Celtics’ fans I can only imagine what trading for Russell Westbrook would be like. There have been false reports said that a Westbrook deal was in place but waiting to get finalized, which was BS. Trading for Westbrook would be a huge risk for the Celtics. Set to become a free agent next year, who knows if Westbrook would resign with Boston. They’d obviously have to trade a good amount to get the top-5 player, and who knows if it would be a rental or long-term deal. That’s a red flag regarding any Westbrook trade, so I wouldn’t expect to see this happening.

The Kings organization have made it clear that they have no intentions of trading their star big man DeMarcus Cousins. Although Cousins has voiced dissatisfaction with the organization in the past, they still feel they can make everything work out. Cousins’ contract is up in two years, and if the Kings expect to keep him they better start praying.

The Celtics have always been interested in Cousins, and whether the asking price was too high, or the Kings GM kept clicking “send to voicemail” whenever Trader Danny called them up, a deal never happened. I don’t think the Kings will ever trade Cousins; he’s one of the best centers and players in the NBA. But it’s not going to be surprising if he leaves once his contract is up, so if they want anything in return they have to start considering a trade soon.

Blake Griffin has been a name thrown around in trade talk since the trade deadline. Griffin missed a lot of last season with injuries and has had some issues in the locker room (punching equipment manager). The Celtics haven’t been the only team interested, as other teams across the league threw some offers the Clippers’ way when they heard Griffin could be traded for the right price. Griffin is also set to become a free agent next season, so a trade for the freakishly athletic and well-rounded power forward could be a gamble. Nonetheless he would be a huge upgrade at the power forward position for the C’s, and being paired with Al Horford could be deadly.

I believe Griffin is the guy that would most likely be traded to the Celtics if a trade would go down, but nothing is certain. Reports have come out saying the Celtics haven’t called about either Westbrook or Griffin.

Trade rumors are always flying around and get people’s hopes up. Most of the time these trade rumors turn into nothing and just give reporters and bloggers like me something to write about. With that being said, unless coming from a trustworthy and reliable source, don’t put too much thought and belief into rumors like these. And to Danny Ainge and the Celtics: if you are able to pull off a trade for any of these three players, do it. Be smart about it, especially with the players with one-year deals, but make Boston great again!

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