Dwyane Wade Signs with the Bulls

In an unexpected turn of events, Dwyane Wade is leaving the Miami Heat to sign with the Chicago Bulls. A team he’s played for his whole career, nobody could imagine Wade in a jersey besides a Miami one.

Wade had meetings scheduled with the Nuggets, Bucks, and Bulls for this week. Rumors were swirling when Wade was said to be on a plane with former teammate LeBron James and Cavaliers’ GM Dan Gilbert. This raised speculation that the Cavs were trying to recruit Wade. It ended up being a shot in the dark that turned out to be nothing.

This all came to fruition after Pat Riley and the Heat reportedly low-balled Wade during contract negotiations. He wanted upwards of $20-25 million a year, while the Heat only offered $10 million. They would later go on to offer Wade a $20 million contract, but it seems like it was too late.

The Bulls was the only realistic team fans could see Dwyane going to if he left Miami. He is from Chicago, so it would make sense if he wanted to go back home to end his career. The Nuggets and Bucks didn’t seem like they had much to offer, especially a shot at one last championship run. The Bulls aren’t championship contenders, either, but are much farther ahead than the Nuggets and Bucks.

In order to pull off this signing, the Bulls would have to trade recently acquired guard Jose Calderon and forward Mike Dunleavy. This would create enough cap space to sign him to a 2 year, $47 million contract.

Regardless of the situation, this is a shocker for sure. Seeing Wade in a Bulls jersey will be very strange to see. This may be the most shocking free agent signing that has happened this offseason, more shocking than Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors a few days back.

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