Where’s KD Going?

Where’s KD going; the question on everybody’s mind. Let’s cut to the chase. We know Durant can make the most money in OKC; you think he doesn’t know that already? If this whole fiasco was about money he wouldn’t have set up meetings with five other teams in the league, right? He met with other teams because he’s interested. Kevin Durant is interested in what else is out there besides Oklahoma City. Right now it seems he’s narrowed his choice down to three teams; the Celtics, Thunder, and Warriors, and here’s why he should and shouldn’t sign with each team.

First of all, Oklahoma City is his home. The franchise he’s basically grown up in and has been with his whole career. He’s been there through the ups and downs and has shown massive amounts of loyalty over the years. He and Westbrook may be the best duo in the NBA today; perhaps one of the best of all time. He can make the most money there, but has made it clear that this isn’t about the money; he has plenty of that. This is about winning and Kevin Durant wants to win. Every year the Thunder always make it so close to winning it all but crumble at the end. When healthy they prove to be a force to be reckoned with, but can never get the job done. From falling to LeBron and the Heat in 2012 to blowing a 3-1 lead in the Western Conference Finals to the Warriors, they’ve always fallen short. This has to be frustrating. KD has had his fingertips on that finals trophy but could never grab it. Leaving OKC means he trusts the new team he joins, and that he trusts he can win on that team. OKC is a place he’s called home for nearly 9 years, but maybe it’s time to move on. If he believes he truly can’t win in OKC, or doesn’t believe Westbrook will stay after his contract is up, it doesn’t sound good for OKC.

The Boston Celtics have something that the other teams don’t, and that’s Al Horford. Chris Broussard came out and said the signing of Horford won’t be the deciding factor in KD joining the Celtics. But it sure does help, doesn’t it? Kevin Durant’s agent made it known that Kevin wishes to play with Al Horford, and the C’s got him. The Thunder was trying to work trades and recruit Horford to OKC to play with Durant, but that obviously didn’t work out. Along with Horford, they have another all-star in Isaiah Thomas. They have an All-Defensive First Team member in Avery Bradley. They have plenty of assets to go out and get another star to go with those three. Plus, they’re in the East, the weaker conference. The only team that would stand in their way is the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s a better shot at making the finals than having to go through the West. The Celtics can build a dynasty with Durant. One thing the Celtics don’t have though is the experience. Sure they’ve made it to the playoffs with such a young team two years in a row, but they’ve lost in the first round both those times. Guys like Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook have been to the finals and know what it’s like; and so does KD. KD can either take that experience to a young, developing team, or to an already championship-experienced team. Joining the Celtics may be good for the long haul, but if he doesn’t wish to wait a year or two, Boston may not be the place to go.

The Golden State Warriors already have a dynasty. Besides losing in seven games in this past NBA Finals, they conquered a feat no other team has; and that’s win 73 games in a regular season. Adding Durant spells trouble for the rest of the league. Having four of the best players in the NBA today is dangerous. Many think that if KD joins you might as well hand them the next five Larry O’Brien trophies. The problem here is in order to acquire Durant, they’d have to make some major roster changes; that means getting rid of guys that helped them make it to the finals two years in a row and win 73 regular season games. Sure they lost in the finals in game seven, but that doesn’t mean they have to change anything. Yes getting Kevin Durant is enticing, but why fix something that isn’t broken? They throw all that chemistry out the door and let go of key players that helped make them as great as they are. With or without KD they’d still be the best team in the West, so why risk it? Too many egos wanting touches and shots would be on that team. It can smell success in the many years to come, or complete failure.

Whatever decision KD makes, it will be his own. Every team has something different to offer; it just all depends on what the man himself wants. And a quick tip: don’t listen to reports or “sources.” Don’t believe anything unless the man himself says it. 


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