Why the NBA Isn’t Rigged

After a must-win game six victory for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, it seems as though they aren’t given credit for coming back from being down 3-1 in the series. Instead of being congratulated by NBA fans, they are under attack, with fans claiming the only way this could happen is because the NBA is rigged. With both LeBron and Kyrie dropping 41 in game five and LeBron again dropping 41 in game six, the NBA is still “rigged.” Instead of giving credit where credit is due, the only explanation people have is that the ‘NBA has to be rigged,’ ‘the NBA wants a game seven to bring in more money,’ etc. As an unbiased NBA sports fan that could care less who wins this series, I’m here to explain why the NBA isn’t rigging this series.

Let’s start with game five. Game five can be remembered as the first finals game where two teammates each drop 40+ points (Kyrie, LeBron), or it can be remembered as the game Draymond Green was suspended. Fans say Draymond was suspended by the league so the Cavs can get an easy win and send the series to a game six back in Cleveland. Although LeBron provoked Draymond, Draymond rightfully got suspended. He got caught going for cheap shots on players one too many times in the playoffs. It was only a matter of time before he got suspended. Without Draymond, it was going to be tough for the Warriors to win, which they didn’t. So now on to game six.

Game six was filled with questionable calls from the very beginning. There were some questionable fouls called on players throughout the game, but it wasn’t one-sided. Kevin Love was handed three fouls in his first three minutes of playing time. If you watch the third foul called on him you’d be shaking your head wondering what the refs were looking at. Steph Curry was given some questionable fouls, which lead to him fouling out and getting ejected. The calls were questionable but they were going both ways. Curry fouling out with four minutes left in the game was not a game-changer. All the momentum was in the Cavs favor with the Cavs up 12 and controlling the game from tipoff. It wasn’t likely the Warriors would’ve come back whether Curry was in the game or not.

Also in game six, LeBron James put up 41 points (the second game in a row), 11 assists, and 8 rebounds. LeBron James is leading all players in the finals in points, assists, blocks, steals, and is tied for first in rebounds. Shooting 16/30 and 16/27 in games five and six, he’s shooting the ball very well. It’s not like LeBron is getting calls thrown his way left and right; he’s actually making shots and performing better than anybody else on the court. Instead of assuming the NBA is rigging the finals so they can make a profit and give LeBron another ring, why don’t people just give credit where credit is due? I’m not being a LeBron fanboy whatsoever, but I respect what he’s doing for his team and should be credited for it by the fans. 82 points, 24 rebounds, 18 assists, 7 steals, and 6 blocks in two straight elimination games is absurd. That’s why the Cavs came back from being down 3-1, not because of the NBA rigging the series.

Ayesha Curry going after the league for saying the series is rigged was too much as well.


A remarkĀ like this isn’t needed from a popular figure like her and was ripped apart by reporters, including the one in the video above and most notably Stephan A. Smith.

Game seven is on Sunday night at 8:00 pm EST. I wouldn’t be shocked if this game turns out to be the most-watched basketball game in history. I hope that if the Cavs win, they’ll be remembered as the first team to come back from being down 3-1 in the series to win it all and not as the team to win because the NBA rigged the series.


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