Back to Back

Stephen Curry, the son of Dell and the 7th overall pick from Davidson College, has been crowned the 2016 NBA MVP winner for the second straight season. He is the first unanimous MVP in NBA history. His second consecutive MVP honor not only shows his value to his team but his value to the NBA as well. In a short time, Curry has completely revolutionized the game with how he plays, and his MVP awards recognize this.

His stats greatly improved from his last MVP season, averaging 30.1 points, 6.7 assists, 5.4 rebounds, and 2.1 steals per games. The only numbers that went down were his assists, which went down one. Along with that, he broke the record for most threes in a season, previously held by… Steph Curry. He broke his own record of 286 made threes in a season by hitting 402 threes. Yes… 402. It’s even more astonishing that he shot 45% from three. To non-basketball fans, hitting 402 threes is equivalent to hitting 103 home runs in baseball. It’s just ridiculous. But it wasn’t his stats that won him this award; it’s the facts that he was arguably the best player on one of the best NBA teams of all time. The Warriors broke the Chicago Bulls’ regular season record of 72-10 by finishing the season 73-9. The Warriors just had an unreal season all around.

Now what I’m about to bring up is controversial and may spark much debate amongst the NBA fans; since Steph Curry won the MVP does that make him the best basketball player? I’m not in any way taking away the fact that Steph Curry deserved the MVP award, but it’s an interesting topic to talk about. The best player and the most valuable player are two different areas of discussion. The most valuable player is awarded to the player who is the most valued player in the league and on his respected team for that season. Steph Curry is very valuable to the Warriors, without him I can’t see the Warriors having as great of a regular season as they just had. But does this make him the best player in basketball? LeBron James was asked about this topic as well, saying,

“Look at Steph’s numbers,” he said. “He averaged 30, he led the league in steals, he was 90-50-40, and they won 73. So, I don’t, do you have any debate over that, really, when it comes to that award? But when you talk about most `valuable’ then you can have a different conversation, so, take nothing away from him, he’s definitely deserving of that award, for sure.”

Steph Curry was most deserving winning the MVP this season, but debates will always be brought up about who the best basketball player in the world is. LeBron will be the best player in the world until he retires in some eyes while others will say Steph Curry has dethroned the king as the best player on the planet. All we know is that Steph is leaving his own legacy in the NBA. Consecutive MVP awards, an NBA championship, breaking the Bulls’ regular season record, becoming one of the best shooters of all time, etc. are just a few accomplishments this man has accomplished in very little time. With the potential of winning another NBA title and then some, it just shows that anything can happen with time. Who would’ve predicted that the “not a true point guard” that “relies too heavily on his outside shot” out of Davidson College would soon be taking over the NBA.

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