Should College Athletes Be Paid?

When discussing the topic of whether college athletes should be paid to play is an interesting topic to talk about. Should student-athletes be paid to play their sport at the college level? There are a couple good reasons to argue the case to pay young athletes but there are also plenty of reasons to argue why they shouldn’t get paid.

In the case where players should be paid can be looked at as unfair to the players. They play in so many games throughout the season, which could interfere with their academics; and if they play well they continue to play in big-name championship games that are sponsored and played on TV across the country. College sports bring in so much revenue so what do I do with it? Coaches and sports departments get paid so why not players? They’re working harder than anybody and the reason people tune in to watch games is because of them. Wouldn’t it be fair to pay the players since they’re generating and bringing in all the money?

In the case where players shouldn’t be paid has to be looked at different angles. If sports athletes get paid that’s a lot of money to be given out to players. For example, college football teams aren’t small, consisting of 252 teams and an average of 55 players on each team. That’s a lot of money to be given out. But what about the teams who don’t compete as well as other colleges? College sports rake in a lot of money from high-profile games with well-known teams. So would the teams and the players at the bottom of the standings have to get paid as much as the teams and players at the top of the standings? It would also be looked at as unfair if players get paid more just because of the well-known school they attend. Plus, would the players who barely see any playing time, if any at all, get paid amount of money as the team’s most well-known player?  Deciding on who gets paid whatever amount of money would be a difficult choice to make. The NCAA would have to be careful in deciding how to distribute money to all the teams and players. There will always be that one team or an individual player who complains about how they’re getting paid compared to others unless everybody on every team gets paid the same amount of money. There’s a reason the NCAA has held back from paying their players and this may be the one.

Although players are reported to not be getting paid to play sports, is that necessarily true? Players who attend high-profile schools and at the highest level must get paid behind the scenes, and this isn’t just for football or basketball but for any sport. To think high-profile players don’t get paid a single cent for playing their sport or to attend their college to play sports is hard to believe. Maybe not all college players get pay behind the scenes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the big-named players did. Should athletes even complain though? Most athletes get scholarships to attend and play the sports they love at a good if not great school. Athletes may just have to be grateful for the opportunity given to them and work hard to get paid big money at the next level.

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