What’s Next for Manziel?

Johnny “Money” Manziel has had a short but quite eventful NFL career so far. Being drafted 22nd overall by the Cleveland Browns in 2014, nobody really knew what to expect out of Manziel in the NFL. After a stellar college football career at Texas A&M, some wondered if his success would transition over to the NFL.

He only played in five regular-season games during the 2014 season for the Browns, starting only two. In those two games as a starter, he had a 0-2 record. In total, he threw for 175 yards and threw two interceptions.

Manziel’s 2015 season was looking a lot brighter than his previous season. After starting quarterback Josh McCown got injured in week one, Manziel saw more frequent playing time. Although he was benched when McCown came back, he got injured once again, giving Manziel another chance to prove he should be the permanent starting Browns’ quarterback. Manziel was announced as the permanent Browns’ starter for the rest of the season on November 17, 2015, after McCown’s string of injuries. That’s where it all started to go downhill for Johnny.

A week after being announced as the starting quarterback for the Browns for the rest of the season, a video surfaced online of Money Manziel partying in Texas while they were on their bye week. Manziel has had a history of drinking and partying, so this wasn’t good for him. He was benched behind McCown and Austin Davis after the Browns heard of the situation. After a few weeks on the bench, he was once again given the opportunity to start, where he led the Browns to a 24-10 victory over the 49ers. But, Manziel sat out the last game of the 2015 season due to a concussion, but reports came out saying he was partying in Las Vegas instead of being with the team in Cleveland. Even reports came out saying he wore a disguise and used an alias while partying so nobody would notice.

Along with all of this, his marketing agency, LRMR, and agent dropped him, announcing they would no longer represent Manziel anymore. Then reports came out over a domestic dispute between Manziel and his ex-girlfriend, where he threatened to kill her. The Browns had no choice but to cut Manziel on March 11, 2016. He brought too much-unneeded attention to the organization.

So what happened next for Manziel? Well, he kept partying… A LOT. It got to a point where his father came out and openly said his son would be dead by the age of 24 if he didn’t get help. It was obvious Manziel had a problem. He refused to go into rehab and seemed like he didn’t care, but still made it clear that he’d be back in the NFL. And he may have been right…

Over the past few days, reports came out saying the Denver Broncos were reaching out to Johnny Football about a potential fit on their roster. This may have been the best thing to happen to him because since then it seems he’s trying to better himself and his lifestyle. It was said that he moved in with Super Bowl MVP Von Miller to turn his life around, but it was later changed to Josh Gordon as the player he was living with. Either way, this is a sign of improvement and how Manziel wants to get help and save his NFL career before it’s gone for good. Von Miller is reportedly really trying to get Manziel on the Broncos. “If I had to make my decision on it, he would already be on the Broncos,” he said. “But we’ve got guys in the front office that make those decisions, and they put us in championships with those decisions.”

We’ll see what happens in the upcoming weeks and months for Money Manziel. I’m a huge fan of the guy personally. I’ve loved him since he was a quarterback at Texas A&M. Even though the guy has made a few dumb mistakes, it’s nothing that he can’t fix. He needs to get his life sorted out and get his NFL career back on track. There’s too much talent and potential to be wasted. And now I shall leave you with the most savage quote Johnny has made so far in his NFL career, “I don’t have a drinking problem, the team has a problem with me drinking. There’s a big difference.”


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