Would LeBron Leave Cleveland… Again?

This is a topic of discussion that most people thought would never be discussed after LeBron James returned to Cleveland after his 4-year stint with Miami. He promised to win the city of Cleveland their first NBA championship. But with all this talk and rumors about LeBron being upset with the Cavaliers and wanting to join forces with his NBA buddies, I feel the need to ask if LeBron would ever leave the Cleveland Cavaliers AGAIN?!

Let me start by giving my opinion… NO. LeBron shouldn’t even make it known if he is even considering leaving Cleveland; the media would go nuts and would send the NBA community in a spiral. After leaving Miami to come back to Cleveland it seemed everything was good. LeBron did what he had to do in Miami and came home. No hard feelings (okay maybe some fans were still salty he left). If LeBron ever decided to leave the Cavs again after making a huge deal about coming home, it would be career suicide. LeBron is hated enough for leaving the first time. But leaving a second time? Forget about it. Every fan besides the team he would play for would hate him. It would be stupid on his part to leave Cleveland, no matter the difficulties.

Recently it was reported that LeBron unfollowed the Cavaliers’ Twitter and Instagram accounts. Why would he do this? People speculated that he was done with Cleveland and was in the beginning stages of his exit to another team. Even when LeBron was asked about the situation after a game during questioning, he simply said, “Next question.” It was later reported that he unfollowed Cavaliers’ social media accounts because he is entering “playoff mode.” Makes sense right? Every year before or during playoff time, LeBron shuts off his social media and focuses only on playing basketball, no outside distractions. But did he really have to unfollow their social media accounts? All it did was get people to talk and raise questions about his future in Cleveland. Stop toying with us LeBron…

Even more recently, LeBron came out and said he’d love to team up with Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Paul before they all retire. He even said he’d take a pay cut to make this happen. A scenario where all these star players would come together to form basically a dream team is very tough to get done. There are only a few situations where this could happen. Either they could all go to Cleveland, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, or all go to a different team. The only likely place honestly would be Cleveland. Like I said, it would be bad for LeBron to leave Cleveland again. Maybe one year when they’re all free agents they can jump over to Cleveland, but what would the Cavs do about Kyrie and Love? They can’t possibly have enough money to get all those guys on one team. So a possible scenario that could actually be realistically done is that they trade Kyrie for CP3, Love for Carmelo, and then trade away players with big contracts to get DWade. This is all very unlikely but could happen if all players were on the same boat and really wanted to make it happen. I wouldn’t plan on this happening, though, at least for now.

LeBron has to be thinking of how in the world he can take down Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors. After losing to them in the NBA Finals last season and watching them make history this season, you have to wonder what’s on his mind. We still have yet to see how a finals matchup between the Warriors and a healthy Cavaliers’ team would turn out. The Cavs lost 4-2 in the finals with no Kyrie or Love. So LeBron or Cavs’ fans shouldn’t be panicking. Losing 4-2 with just LeBron is not a bad thing, honestly. Sure the Cavs lost to Warriors during the regular season twice… and by 34 one game, but that’s the regular season. The playoffs, and especially the finals, are a different ballgame. It’s proven that players try much harder during the playoffs when it all matters compared to the regular season. I’m not making any excuses for the Cavaliers being embarrassed by the Warriors at home earlier in the year, but we’ve all seen what LeBron does in the playoffs. You know once the playoffs start, “Zero Dark Thirty” will be activated.

LeBron shouldn’t leave the Cavaliers again, in my opinion. LeBron has it made in Cleveland. He runs the team, makes the decisions (don’t say he doesn’t), and basically gets whatever he wants. He could even possibly bring his buddies over to “The Land” to form their own dream team (long shot but you never know in this league). He came back to Cleveland to win, and even though he hasn’t won a championship yet shouldn’t get people to think he’ll leave again.

Everything takes time, even LeBron admitted to not expecting much in his first couple of years back in Cleveland. Last season was Kyrie and Love’s first taste of the playoffs, and Love got injured at the end of the first series and Kyrie got injured in the finals. There is still so much more for this team to accomplish. Once everybody is healthy for the playoffs, expect a different LeBron and different Cavaliers’ team competing for the NBA championship. And expect the Cavaliers’ announcer to shout, “FROM ST. VINCENT-ST. MARY HIGH SCHOOL AND AKRON, OHIO. NUMBER 23… LEBROOOOOON JAAAAAAAMES!!!” on opening night and many more opening nights to come.

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