So long, Sheriff

Today Peyton Manning did what everybody inevitably knew was going to happen, he retired from the NFL. A few months after winning his 2nd super bowl at Super Bowl 50 he decides to call it quits. So now I got to ask, where does Peyton rank on all-time best QB’s to ever play?

Peyton has had an illustrious 17-year career playing in the NFL (18 of you don’t count his missed season with a neck injury in 2011). It all started when he was drafted 1st overall in the 1998 NFL Draft by the Indianapolis Colts.

Playing for the Indianapolis Colts for 13 seasons, he was awarded the Most Valuable Player award four times. He won a single championship with them in 2007, winning the Super Bowl MVP to go along with it. He threw 399 total touchdowns and 198 interceptions for the Colts in 208 consecutive regular season games.

After having spinal fusion surgery 2011, Manning missed the whole 2011 season for the Colts. They went 2-14 and were given the 1st overall selection in the draft, selecting Andrew Luck. The Colts released Manning since they didn’t want to pay him his roster bonus of roughly $28 million and had his replacement in Andrew Luck.

Peyton Manning would go on to sign with the Denver Broncos on March 20, 2012, for a 5-year, $96 million contract. Playing for the Broncos for four seasons, he was awarded the Most Valuable Player award once in 2013, where he threw 55 touchdowns that season, an NFL record. He won a championship with them in the 2015 season, defeating the Carolina Panthers. He threw 140 touchdowns and 53 interceptions in 58 regular season games while in Denver.

He has a postseason record of 27-14, winning two Super Bowls (1 Super Bowl MVP) in four Super Bowl appearances. He’s thrown 40 touchdowns, 25 interceptions, and 7,339 yards in 41 postseason games.

Peyton retires from the NFL leaving a legacy behind him. He is the NFL all-time leader in passing yards with 71,940. He has 539 career pass touchdowns thrown. He threw a single-season record 5,477 passing yards. He’s had fourteen 4,000-yard seasons, five more than any other QB ever. He’s tied for most TD’s thrown in a single game with 7. He’s tied the record for most seasons leading the league in pass touchdowns with 4. He tied a single-season rookie record for most pass touchdowns with 26. He retires with a tied record of 186 career QB wins. Need I say more?

Peyton Manning will go down as an all-time great in this league, one of the best QB’s of all time. Where he ranks is for you to decide. But we can all agree on one thing, Peyton Manning is one of the most respected players and competitors the NFL has ever seen. He will now join fellow 1998 draftee Rod Woodson as football legends to retire this season.

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