RG3 for Sale

Robert Griffin III is a name most football fans are familiar with. A former Heisman Trophy winner, he was drafted 2nd overall in the 2012 NFL Draft. He would go on to lead the Washington Redskins to a 10-6 record, which would win them the NFC East Division title. He would go on to win the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award and named to enter the 2013 Pro Bowl. The future was looking bright for Griffin. Until injuries came along.

He was hit with a few injuries during his rookie season, including a mild concussion and an LCL sprain. He played 15 games his rookie season, missing one due to the LCL sprain. In the NFC Wild Card game, he would re-injure his knee. He would go on to have surgery to repair his LCL and ACL.

In his next two years as a starting quarterback, he held a record of 5-15. He threw just as many touchdowns his rookie season as he did these two seasons combined (20). He also threw 18 interceptions in that span, compared to his 5 his rookie season. More injuries along the line, including an ankle injury that held him out seven games in 2014, caused Griffin to sit out so many games. And after failing to play a single game during the 2015 season, his future in Washington didn’t look too good.

Kirk Cousins took over at starting QB and didn’t look back. He led the Redskins to a 9-7 record and the NFC East Division title during the 2015 season. He threw  a 69.8 completion rate, throwing 29 touchdowns and 11 interceptions on the year. And after signing a non-exclusive franchise tag this past offseason, Griffin’s career in Washington was inevitably over.

So that leads us here. With RG3 leaving Washington there’s one question on everybody’s mind, where is RG3 going? Bleacher Report reported that “at least 10 teams are taking a ‘hard look’ at signing RG3.” Sure 10 teams are looking at him, but which teams are REALLY interested? I have a few teams in mind that might become a new home for Griffin.

The Los Angeles Rams. Nick Foles is currently their starting QB. He started 11 games and failed to throw over seven touchdowns this past season. Word is the Rams were shopping around Foles to see what there is to offer for him. In comes RG3. Let’s say Foles gets traded, or even benched, who do the Rams figure to get? Peyton Manning is a QB the Rams were interested in, but do they really want a 39-year-old quarterback on the last leg of his career? No. They should sign RG3. A young quarterback looking for a fresh start. Other than one preseason game in 2015, he never got a chance to prove he still belongs in this league. The Rams should give him a shot. What’s there to lose? If he doesn’t work out then insert the $12 million a year making Nick Foles back into the starting quarterback position.

The Denver Broncos. This may be a long shot, but it certainly can happen. If Peyton Manning decides to come back to play a few more years in the NFL the Broncos won’t welcome him back. Denver’s ready to move on with their backup Brock Osweiler, who showed flashes of greatness in the few games he started for the injured Manning during the regular season. Or are they? Brock will be requesting big money this offseason. He will get paid this summer, but will it be the Broncos that pay up? If they decide to go against giving Brock a huge deal this offseason, they may settle for giving RG3 a shot at being their starter and giving him a smaller deal. This would be gutsy, but can definitely see it happening.

The Dallas Cowboys. Let’s be real here, how long can Romo play without getting injured? He missed nearly all of last season with collarbone and shoulder injuries. Robert Griffin III would be a great backup for Romo, and a great insert if he gets injured. Plus, Griffin can learn a lot under Romo, and once he decides to either retire or leave Dallas, it could become Griffin’s team. There’s no real risk here for Dallas. They get a solid backup for an injury prone Romo, but a bold starter if Romo is sidelined a few games. Take the chance Dallas.

The Houston Texans. This is probably the easiest decision for both sides to make. RG3 needs a new home. The Texans NEED a quarterback. Like badly. Brian Hoyer definitely isn’t getting the job done, and is signed for one more season while backup T.J. Yates is a free agent. Robert Griffin would fit with this team best in my opinion. A fresh start for RG3, where he would most likely become the starting QB, and for the Texans, who probably don’t want to have to start four different quarterbacks in one season for a second consecutive year.

Ultimately, I believe that the Texans will be the team to sign Robert Griffin III this offseason. It seems too good of a situation for both teams. I wouldn’t be shocked if he signs with the Cowboys as a backup, though. It would be a good experience for the 26-year-old quarterback to learn and play behind Tony Romo. But I would keep my eye out for Denver. They could be the dark horse in all this. So don’t be shocked if you hear they’re coming for RG3. And remember who you heard it from first.

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